Practical exmaples in Elm

2 minutes
26 June 2021

I am starting a series of small articles to motivate you and get you started with Elm development. I don’t want to prove to you how Elm has to make you more productive or how your programs are more robust than with other frameworks. There are enough articles about that out there 😉. For me coding in Elm is fun and it brings back some of the memories of how it felt when In picked up programming. And I want to share that.

The official guide is already a great starting point to get going with Elm. My articles are supposed to be complete but isolated examples of common problems. Official guides can not afford to have a full app example around every function or feature.

For many Frameworks that leaves a gap in documentation. You have the getting started guides which give you a hand picked selection of fully running examples. And you have the API Docs giving you very narrow info about specific functions. Often that leaves a gap - problems that can be solved by combining just a few of the basic building blocks/libraries of the framework/language.

That’s where I want this series to be helpful. However there is one aspect I want to focus on specifically and that’s the isolation of the problem per article. Too often I felt frustrated myself when I downloaded a boilerplate example for framework X that also solved my problem, but then I spend hours trying to remove the stuff I did not need.

In general I believe using a strongly typed and strictly functional language like Elm will positively affect your day-to-day coding in other languages as well. So I hope I can level up your game while having fun!