A stream, because: why not 🤷

1 minute
27 June 2021

The only thing that’s even more energy draining than reading long texts is writing them. That’s why I’ve decided to give the “stream format” a try.

The target audience are developers that have some experience with other languages and frameworks but are not entirely sure what all the fuzz around functional programming is about.

Last week I found a fantastically explained Clojure implementation of Tetris on HackerNews.

That inspired me to write a version in Elm. It took me only two evenings. The whole process was much more pleasing than evolving implementations in the languages I deal with at work. And I want to use this opportunity to share this experience by reimplementing it live from scratch and streaming it.

For my first little testrun on Twitch (since I’ve never streamed anything) I built a Hello World app with Elm.

In contrast to other frameworks the whole process only took 10 minutes because it doesn’t need any additional build tools or dev servers.

The upcoming episodes are going to be a bit longer. For each episode I’ll create a page here where I’ll will share the recording and other recources like code examples.